Notes from Kylerec 2019

Our two notetakers for Kylerec 2019 were Orsola Capovilla-Searle and Cédric De Groote. Note that notes for some parts were taken by one but not by the other.

Here are the notes by Cédric De Groote:

  • Notes Kylerec 2019 1 contain an index, and the following talks:
    • Weinstein manifolds (Angela Wu),
    • Skeleta of Liouville and Weinstein manifolds (Randy Van Why),
    • Arboreal singularities (Austin Christian),
    • Arborealization of cusps (Laura Starkston),
    • Questions and answers (day 1)
    • Category theory (Umut Varolgunes)
    • Constructible sheaves (Luya Wang)
    • Microlocal supports and stalks (Alex Pieloch)
  • Notes Kylerec 2019 2 contains the following talks:
    • Microlocal sheaf category for arboreal singularities (Orsola Capovilla-Searle)
    • Wrapped microlocal sheaves categories (Xin Jin)
    • Lagrangian Floer theory (Deniz Genlik)
    • Fukaya categories and $A_\infty$-structures (Sarah McConnell)
    • Questions and answers (day 4, morning)
    • Wrapped Floer theory (Sheel Ganatra)
    • The wrapping exact sequence (Jesse Huang)
  • Notes Kylerec 2019 3 contains the following talks:
    • Combinatorial models of partially wrapped Fukaya category of Riemann surfaces with marked boundary (Dahye Cho)
    • Generation of Weinstein manifolds (Tim Large)
    • Questions and answers (day 4, evening)
    • Example computations using stop removal (Abi Ward)
    • Comparaison Floer-sheaf (Laurent Côté)
    • Interlude: inclusion morphisms (Sheel Ganatra)
    • Gluing formula for wrapped categories (Julian Chaidez)
    • Questions and answers (day 5)

Here are the notes taken by Orsola Capovilla-Searle:


Notes from Kylerec 2018

All notes are courtesy of Cédric De Groote! You can either view them:

  • In two parts (including notes from the West Coast Pre-Workshop):
  • Lecture-by-lecture. All the titles and speakers are listed below. All talks were meant to be an hour with the exceptions of Talks 3 and 4, which were meant to be half an hour each. The West Coast Pre-Workshop notes are not included here, but feel free to click the link above, or also check out the East Coast version.:
    • Day 1
      • Talk_1: Introduction and overview – Kyler Siegel
      • Talk_2: Morse theory and Floer theory – Yuan Yao
      • Talk_3: Gradings in Lagrangian Floer theory – Greg Parker
      • Talk_4: Signs in Lagrangian Floer theory – Laurent Côté
      • Talk_5: Symplectic cohomology and the Viterbo Theorem – Dahye Cho
    • Day 2
      • Talk_6: Spectral sequences – Ipsita Datta
      • Talk_7: Local systems – Daniel Vitek
      • Talk_8: Homology equivalence of nearby Lagrangians – Cédric De Groote
      • Talk_9: The \pi_1-isomorphism – Austin Christian
      • Discussion_Day_2
    • Day 3
      • Talk_10: Maslov = 0 – Thomas Kragh
      • Talk_11: (Wrapped) Fukaya categories – Sahana Vasudevan
    • Day 4
      • Talk_12: A_\infty algebras and categories – Maxim Jeffs
      • Talk_13: Hochschild (co)homology and the OC and CO maps – Abi Ward
      • Talk_14: Results on wrapped Fukaya categories – Semon Rezchikov
      • Talk_15: Generation and split-generation – Tim Large
      • Discussion_Day_4
    • Day 5
      • Talk_16: Homotopy equivalence of nearby Lagrangians with vanishing Maslov class – Alex Zhang
      • Talk_17: Exact Lagrangians in the plumbings of two cotangent bundles – Orsola Capovilla-Searle
      • Talk_18: Applications of generation – Daniel Irvine
      • Talk_19: Framed bordism and Lagrangian embeddings of exotic spheres – Kevin Sackel
      • Problems: Open problems and possible future prospects

East Coast Pre-Workshop

A pre-workshop on the East Coast will be held on May 12 at Columbia University. Notes, courtesy of Orsola Capovilla-Searle, are now available.


8:30 – 9:00: Breakfast

10:00 – 11:00 Meet & Greet, Break, Discussion
12:00 – 2:00 Lunch
3:00 – 3:30 Break

West Coast Pre-Workshop

A pre-workshop on the West Coast was held on May 5 at Stanford University. Notes, courtesy of Cédric De Groote are available: just click the speaker’s name.

1) [Maxim Jeffs (Berkeley) – Floer theory and symplectic topology]  An introduction to pseudo-holomorphic curves, as well as grading and the signs in Floer theory. This will be important for our workshop. A sample application could be versions of the PSS isomorphism (e.g. HF(L,L) = H(L) for a compact exact Lagrangian). Define symplectic cohomology.
2) [Cédric De Groote (Stanford) – Introduction to Fukaya categoriesWe will define the Fukaya category of a symplectic manifold, talk about the wrapping, and introduce various algebraic notions that revolve around it: A_\infty structures, twisted complexes and the generation criterion.
3) [Laurent Côté (Stanford) – Overview of the progress on the nearby Lagrangian conjectureA general overview of the nearby Lagrangian conjecture, what’s been done so far, with all the names, and maybe a run down of the special cases. Maybe a very brief sketch of Fukaya-Seidel-Smith here, and possibly a nod to the micro-local sheaf and Lefschetz fibration parts, and sketch the category theoretic part.
4) [Ipsita Datta (Stanford) – Spectral sequences An introduction to spectral sequences: how they work, the Serre spectral sequence, and examples of applications such as the one coming from the filtration of a complex. ( Include the example of the homology of the loop space of spheres and/or the Hopf fibration over complex projective spaces. (
5) [No talk, but notes by Catherine Cannizzo (Berkeley) – Local Systems] Define local systems both in terms of locally constant sheaves and in terms of representations of the fundamental groupoid of a space; explain the correspondence between both (this is the important bit). Explain what is homology with coefficients in a local system: homology of a cover of the space with an action by deck transformations (chapter 5 of State Poincaré duality for non-orientable manifolds, i.e. with coefficients in the orientation local system. State how homology pertaining to the locally constant sheaf is the same as the topological description of homology of the space with coefficients in the corresponding local system. If there remains time, explain how one can incorporate local systems into Lagrangian Floer homology (remark 2.11 in (or section 3 of Fukaya-Seidel-Smith’s “The symplectic geometry of cotangent bundles from a categorical viewpoint”).


Notes from the Kylerec 2017

Find below notes from the Kylerec 2017. Thank you to our note takers Orsola Capovilla Searle and Cédric De Groote.

TALK 1 Roger Casals
Introduction, types of fillings/fillability

TALK 2 Francois-Simon Fauteux-Chapleau
Kirby calculus for Stein manifolds

TALK 3 Orsola Capovilla-Searle
Weinstein handles, contact surgery

TALK 4 Alvin Jin
Lefschetz fibrations and open books

TALK 5 Bahar Acu
Mapping class factorizations as Lefschetz fibration fillings

TALK 6 Roberta Guadagni
J-holomorphic curves, intersection positivity, automatic transversality

TALK 7 Emily Maw
McDuff rational ruled classification

TALK 8 Agustin Moreno
Wendl planar open book filling result

TALK 9 Umut Varolgunes
High dimensional J-holomorphic curve classifications of fillings

TALK 10 Sarah McConnell
Applications of Wendl’s theorem to classifications of fillings

TALK 11 Kevin Sackel
Intro to Seiberg-Witten invariants

TALK 12 Jie Min
Symplectic Kodaira dimension 0

TALK 13 Tom Gannon
Fillings of unit cotangent bundles

TALK 14 Daniel Alvarez-Gavela
Lisca-Matic distinguishing fillings with SW

TALK 15 Ziva Kaye
Flexible + loose

TALK 16 Momchil Konstantinov
SH, SH+, …

TALK 17 Cedric De Groote
Ustilovsky (application of SFT invariants, exotic contact)

TALK 18 Scott Zhang
Contact manifolds with flexible fillings and exotic contact structures

Discussion Section 1

Discussion Section 2

Discussion Section 3

All of Cedric’s notes:

All of Orsola’s notes: