Notes from Kylerec 2019

Our two notetakers for Kylerec 2019 were Orsola Capovilla-Searle and Cédric De Groote. Note that notes for some parts were taken by one but not by the other.

Here are the notes by Cédric De Groote:

  • Notes Kylerec 2019 1 contain an index, and the following talks:
    • Weinstein manifolds (Angela Wu),
    • Skeleta of Liouville and Weinstein manifolds (Randy Van Why),
    • Arboreal singularities (Austin Christian),
    • Arborealization of cusps (Laura Starkston),
    • Questions and answers (day 1)
    • Category theory (Umut Varolgunes)
    • Constructible sheaves (Luya Wang)
    • Microlocal supports and stalks (Alex Pieloch)
  • Notes Kylerec 2019 2 contains the following talks:
    • Microlocal sheaf category for arboreal singularities (Orsola Capovilla-Searle)
    • Wrapped microlocal sheaves categories (Xin Jin)
    • Lagrangian Floer theory (Deniz Genlik)
    • Fukaya categories and $A_\infty$-structures (Sarah McConnell)
    • Questions and answers (day 4, morning)
    • Wrapped Floer theory (Sheel Ganatra)
    • The wrapping exact sequence (Jesse Huang)
  • Notes Kylerec 2019 3 contains the following talks:
    • Combinatorial models of partially wrapped Fukaya category of Riemann surfaces with marked boundary (Dahye Cho)
    • Generation of Weinstein manifolds (Tim Large)
    • Questions and answers (day 4, evening)
    • Example computations using stop removal (Abi Ward)
    • Comparaison Floer-sheaf (Laurent Côté)
    • Interlude: inclusion morphisms (Sheel Ganatra)
    • Gluing formula for wrapped categories (Julian Chaidez)
    • Questions and answers (day 5)

Here are the notes taken by Orsola Capovilla-Searle:


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