Notes from Kylerec 2018

All notes are courtesy of Cédric De Groote! You can either view them:

  • In two parts (including notes from the West Coast Pre-Workshop):
  • Lecture-by-lecture. All the titles and speakers are listed below. All talks were meant to be an hour with the exceptions of Talks 3 and 4, which were meant to be half an hour each. The West Coast Pre-Workshop notes are not included here, but feel free to click the link above, or also check out the East Coast version.:
    • Day 1
      • Talk_1: Introduction and overview – Kyler Siegel
      • Talk_2: Morse theory and Floer theory – Yuan Yao
      • Talk_3: Gradings in Lagrangian Floer theory – Greg Parker
      • Talk_4: Signs in Lagrangian Floer theory – Laurent Côté
      • Talk_5: Symplectic cohomology and the Viterbo Theorem – Dahye Cho
    • Day 2
      • Talk_6: Spectral sequences – Ipsita Datta
      • Talk_7: Local systems – Daniel Vitek
      • Talk_8: Homology equivalence of nearby Lagrangians – Cédric De Groote
      • Talk_9: The \pi_1-isomorphism – Austin Christian
      • Discussion_Day_2
    • Day 3
      • Talk_10: Maslov = 0 – Thomas Kragh
      • Talk_11: (Wrapped) Fukaya categories – Sahana Vasudevan
    • Day 4
      • Talk_12: A_\infty algebras and categories – Maxim Jeffs
      • Talk_13: Hochschild (co)homology and the OC and CO maps – Abi Ward
      • Talk_14: Results on wrapped Fukaya categories – Semon Rezchikov
      • Talk_15: Generation and split-generation – Tim Large
      • Discussion_Day_4
    • Day 5
      • Talk_16: Homotopy equivalence of nearby Lagrangians with vanishing Maslov class – Alex Zhang
      • Talk_17: Exact Lagrangians in the plumbings of two cotangent bundles – Orsola Capovilla-Searle
      • Talk_18: Applications of generation – Daniel Irvine
      • Talk_19: Framed bordism and Lagrangian embeddings of exotic spheres – Kevin Sackel
      • Problems: Open problems and possible future prospects

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