Kylerec 2018

Topic: Cotangent bundles and the nearby Lagrangian conjecture

Date: May 25 – 31, 2018.

Location: The Leavenworth Lodge, Washington State, USA

Flyer: You can find our flyer here!

Description: This year’s topic is the symplectic geometry of contangent bundles and the nearby Lagrangian conjecture. For mathematical info, click here!

Format: Kylerec is a student-led and student-run workshop. We will live in a communal setting, sharing cooking and cleaning responsibilities. Talks will be given by participants, with guidance from our mentors. Our vision is to curate a healthy, relaxed and creative atmosphere where we can learn mathematics together and make human connections in the process. There are no spectators, only participants!

Mentors: Roberta Guadagni, Thomas Kragh, Kyler Siegel, Jingyu Zhao

Organizing committee: Catherine Cannizzo, Orsola Capovilla-Searle, Cédric De Groote, Tim Large, Kevin Sackel

Funding: NSF funding is pending.

Applications: Applications are now open until April 14th. Apply here!

Contact: You are welcome to ask any questions by sending an email to

Past Workshops:

For the webpages from the previous Kylerec workshops, see the following pages.

2017 Kylerec

2016 Workshop on Lefschetz fibrations: rigidity and flexibility


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